Our next event, the MCAS Yuma Air Show in Yuma, AZ starts in


With the Very Exciting 2014 Season over and the 2015 Season about to get underway we are excited that this new year may again prove to be our biggest ever.

We came away from the ICAS Airshow Convention with over 30 Events for our Fleet of SHOCKWAVE and Flash Fire Jet Trucks. We want to thank all the Show Producers who see the value of booking our Trucks on an Annual Basis, but we also want to thank the many new shows who have put their trust in us for their upcoming 2015 Events.

We are all moved in to our new Race Shop and are already knee deep into winter teardown and maintenance on all the equipment.

For you Air Show and Drag Race Producers who haven't yet booked all your Acts for your 2015 Shows, we still have a few Prime Weekends available with SHOCKWAVE and the Flash Fire Jet Trucks.

Watch for our complete up to date 2015 Schedule which will be posted in the coming weeks on our SCHEDULE PAGE.

And we don't want to forget our many loyal Fans. Be sure to visit our Facebook Pages, Shockwave and Flash Fire Jet Trucks and the Jet Truck TV page for photos, videos and updates on our activities and please continue to Like and Share. Also check us out on YouTube.

Our Latest Show Posters and Magazine Ads are at the bottom of this Page.


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